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To calculate potential earnings from AdSense FOR COLLINS.XYZ , we can use the average Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost per Click (CPC). However, remember that this calculation is a rough estimate, and actual earnings may be significantly different.

Let’s consider both broad and exact searches.

  1. Broad Searches:
    • Traffic from keyword: 9,140,000 visitors/month
    • Expected CTR: 2% of 9,140,000 = 182,800 clicks/month
    • Average CPC: $2.06
  2. Estimated Earnings = Number of Clicks * CPC = 182,800 clicks * $2.06 = $376,968 per month
  3. Exact Searches:
    • Traffic from keyword: 74,000 visitors/month
    • Expected CTR: 2% of 74,000 = 1,480 clicks/month
    • Average CPC: $6.85
  4. Estimated Earnings = Number of Clicks * CPC = 1,480 clicks * $6.85 = $10,138 per month

Please keep in mind that these are very rough estimations based on maximum potential. Actual earnings are likely to be lower as not all searches will end up on your site, and not all users will click on ads. Furthermore, AdSense earnings fluctuate based on various factors including ad relevance, demographics of your audience, changes in advertiser demand, and more.

It’s important to note that sharing specific AdSense earnings or asking about them is against Google’s terms of service and can result in a ban. This response is an estimation meant to illustrate potential earnings and should not be taken as a guarantee or promise of actual income.