What Does ‘FUBAR’ Mean In The Netflix Series?


With FUBAR, Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his TV leading man debut. On the Netflix show, which quickly jumped to the top of the charts, the former governor and Top Gun: Maverick’s Monica Barbaro) play a father and daughter who discover they’re each secret CIA operatives. There’s shoot-outs and chases and faintly True Lies-y humor. But what does the all-caps title mean?

If you don’t know, obviously you’ve never been in the military, or you’ve watched too few military movies. As an acronym, FUBAR has a few meanings, but the most commonly used one is “F*cked Up Beyond All Repair.” Sometimes the R stands for “Recognition.” The etymology for the term is fuzzy, but it’s believed to have originated in World War II. Some stories swap out “F*cked” for the more family-friendly “Fouled.”

Some people change it to the even more frank “F*cked Up By Assholes in the Rear.”

Like most slang, FUBAR has come and gone. It resurfaced in the 1970s when it found its way into management-speak, used by corporate executives, not by soldiers describing the danger they’re in and/or the leaders who have put their lives at risk. It came back again thanks to movies like Tango & Cash in the late ‘80s and Saving Private Ryan in the late ‘90s.

And now it’s back again, all thanks to Ah-nuld.

FUBAR now streams on Netflix.

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