Paul George Does A Surprisingly Good Charles Barkley Impression


The world of NBA player podcasts keeps growing, and a recent addition to the rotation is Podcast P with Paul George. The Los Angeles Clippers wing is pretty good at getting big names in the world of basketball to come onto his pod and have really entertaining conversations — my personal favorite so far is the one where Karl-Anthony Towns revealed that “Big Purr” is a nickname that he hates, which made George really want to call him Big Purr over and over.

On his most recent episode, a sit-down with reigning WNBA MVP A’ja Wilson of the Las Vegas Aces, we learned something fun about George: He apparently does one hell of a Charles Barkley impression. George was asked to do his impression, which involves saying the names of athletes just a little incorrectly while sounding exactly like Chuck. Everyone on set, including Wilson, found the bit hilarious.

George then shared the 100 percent correct opinion that his favorite Barkley impression comes from “the dude from Good Burger,” which is Kenan Thompson’s one from Saturday Night Live. Anyway, I hope that George has Shaquille O’Neal on his podcast sooner rather than later and does his Barkley impression, because I feel like he’d really enjoy it.

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