Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made the bulk of his $36 billion fortune this year following chipmaker’s stock surge


Jensen Huang is cofounder and CEO of Nvidia.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made more than 60% of his $36 billion fortune this year.
Huang’s soaring wealth comes as the chipmaker rides the boom in artificial intelligence.
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg lags behind, increasing his net worth by 52% this year.

The CEO of Nvidia made a bigger percentage of his fortune this year than anyone else on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index following the huge surge in the chipmaker’s value. 

Jensen Huang made more than 60% of his $36 billion net worth in the past five months, becoming $22 billion richer mostly due to his holding in Nvidia. 

He has a 3.5% stake in the Santa Clara, California-based company, or almost 87 million shares, per its most recent annual report.

The 60-year-old cofounder of chipmaker Nvidia is now the world’s 34th wealthiest person, according to the Bloomberg index.

Only Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg comes close to a similar rise this year, making 52% of his current net worth in the past five months. 

Nvidia stock has more than doubled since January, eclipsing the entire S&P 500 and contributing to the index’s near-10% rally. The chipmaker’s value touched $1 trillion for the first time Tuesday as the AI-fueled stock surge continued. 

The rally was sparked last week by sales forecasts that blew Wall Street estimates out of the water, as well as new AI-related products. That’s all increased investor excitement about Nvidia stock. 

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