Matt Gaetz Mocked Marjorie Taylor Greene For Backing Kevin McCarthy’s ‘Sh*t Sandwich’ Debt Ceiling Deal


Matt Gaetz is once again trolling Marjorie Taylor Greene as the Georgia congresswoman continues to steadfastly support Kevin McCarthy, who has given her several top committee assignments after she backed him during the contentious Speaker of the House vote. This time around, Greene has come out in support of McCarthy’s debt ceiling deal, but not without locking down some concessions.

“If you have to eat a sh*t sandwich, you want to have sides, OK? It makes it much better,” Greene told reporters. “So what I’m looking for is, I’m looking for some sides and some desserts.”

While sharing a photo of an uncharacteristically docile Greene outside McCarthy’s office, Gaetz cracked a joke that the congresswoman is being held hostage. “Blink twice if under duress,” Gaetz tweeted. However, Greene is not under duress. She told reporters that she has specific demands that she’s hoping to secure.

Via The Hill:

Greene named two “sides” in particular: A vote on a balanced budget amendment and another on legislation to prevent the hiring of new IRS agents — not only in 2024, as the bipartisan debt-limit bill would do — but also in the years to follow.

As for her “beautiful dessert,” Greene is hoping to get at least one impeachment, and it doesn’t have to be Joe Biden. She’s willing to go after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who Greene described as “the lowest hanging fruit.”

Of course, this is Marjorie Taylor Greene we’re talking about, and it’s no surprise that she picked the Biden official who was the center of a House meeting that led Greene to be chastised by her own party for using “extreme rhetoric.”

(Via The Hill, Matt Gaetz on Twitter)

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