Draymond Green Is ‘Happy’ Celtics Fans Watched Their Team Lose: ‘I Like To See Them Suffer’


The Boston Celtics suffered a Game 7 loss in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat earlier this week. The game happened at TD Garden, and while the building was electric to start the game, things eventually unraveled as the Celtics struggled to overcome things like Jayson Tatum’s ankle injury on the opening play of the game and a scorching hot shooting night by the Heat.

Draymond Green unsurprisingly had plenty to say about the Celtics on the most recent episode of his podcast, as he expressed that the performance was proof they “are who we thought they were.” He also decided to go after the team’s fans a bit, saying that he took joy in watching them “suffer.”

“I must say, it did not hurt me to watch the Boston Celtics fans suffer,” Green said. “Those people were really rude to me last year and I like to see them suffer.”

Green continued to prod Celtics fans by bringing up Tatum’s ankle injury, saying that while Tatum isn’t the kind of guy who will make excuses for an off night, “Boston Celtics fans will make excuses, and I ain’t hearing none of that sh*t cause y’all rude and I’m happy you all lost.”

“I’m not happy JT lost, but Boston Celtics fans, especially those of you that are in that arena, I’m happy y’all lost,” Green said. “Because, like, stop being who you are. Stop being who you are — I’ve heard that before, but you know what I mean. Stop being the way that y’all are. Like, at some point you just can’t be that way. So stop doing that, and you know what that is, I don’t need to go into that.”

Green and the Golden State Warriors went up against the Celtics in the NBA Finals last year, and during the games in Boston, he was hit with some “f*ck you Draymond” chants from the opposing fans. Both he and Klay Thompson expressed that they had a problem with it, and this must have stayed on Green’s mind as he watched Game 7.

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