A Casa Bonita Superfan Has Been Camping Out In The Parking Lot And Vows To Remain Until They Invite Him In: ‘Someone Inside Will See My Dedication’


May has nearly come and gone. That was the month that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone pinpointed to grand-reopen their improved Casa Bonita in Lakewood, Colorado. This has led to a fan theory, which has since been proven wrong, that the eatertainment venue would reopen on the (fictional) Kyle Broflovski’s birthday, May 26. Earlier in the month, people crossed fingers for Cinco de Mayo to open those sopapilla floodgates, but there was no dice there, either. What gives?

This week, the Denver Post reported that Casa Bonita’s soft-opening (for lack of a better word on my behalf) would include test runs with lottery-based invitations, which would be followed by ticket sales for initial guests. However, there’s one very dedicated fan who is hoping that he can hop to the front of the list. Denver’s ABC affiliate passes on word that Lance Castillo has been camping out in the parking lot for over a week with full gear and everything. He even dedicated his time off work to this cause, and although he’s a bit bummed about the lottery system, he vows to stay until he’s invited inside:

“It was a bummer but I have my hopes up that someone inside will see my dedication and say, ‘Come on in bud,’” Castillo said.

He said he has already subscribed to that list.

“I’ll be here until the invitation comes out,” he said.

He’s not alone in his enthusiasm. Local press has already chatted with people who planned vacations to the Denver area in case they get lucky enough to be there on opening day. As well, there’s a massive camp-out event planned in the parking lot for whenever the official grand opening day is announced. In other words, don’t expect to have a quick in-and-out dinner there (anytime soon) if you’re in the area.

(Via Denver Post & Denver’s ABC 7)

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