Bilt Rent Day June 2023: Win free rent, business class flights, Lyft credits, and more


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Bilt is having a birthday — and you’re getting the presents.

Bilt Rewards is a unique program that lets you earn points for paying rent with a credit card without oppressive service charges.

It’s a revolutionary thought: Rent is by far the largest monthly expense for many of us. And the rewards you earn can be used to offset rent costs or converted into valuable airline miles and hotel points to help you knock off bucket-list travel that might otherwise be unattainable. The Bilt app has even integrated with award booking service to help you book travel with as little brainpower as possible.

Bilt Rent Day is an ongoing promotion that occurs on the first day of each month. It’s a varying collection of fun offers that often give you the ability to earn bonus points, get exclusive transfer bonuses to valuable airline and hotel partners, receive big discounts on cruises, and more.

To celebrate its birthday, Bilt is promoting June’s Rent Day as an extra special event. In addition to its standard monthly promo, such as double points when you use the Bilt Mastercard® for non-rent purchases and SoulCycle discounts, Bilt is giving away more than 500 unique prizes. These include $100 in Lyft credits, up to 100,000 Bilt Rewards points, round-trip international business class flights to London and Dubai, and more.

We’re focused here on the rewards and perks that come with each card. These cards won’t be worth it if you’re paying interest or late fees. When using a credit card, it’s important to pay your balance in full each month, make payments on time, and only spend what you can afford to pay.

Bilt Rent Day Challenge June 2023

On the first day of each month, you’ll find a riddle inside the Bilt app. If you solve it, you’ll be entered to win a prize.

There are usually only a handful of winners each month. But in June, there will be over 500 winners. Here are the prizes you can win (limit one entry per person throughout the promotion).

International business class flights

The crown jewel of Bilt Rent Day in June is travel rewards prizes that can be used to book some of the best business class seats in the air.

One winner will receive enough Emirates miles for two round-trip business class seats on Emirates from the carrier’s nearest gateway city to Dubai. Taxes and fees will also be covered.One winner will receive enough Virgin Atlantic points for two round-trip Upper Class seats on Virgin Atlantic from the carrier’s nearest nearest gateway city to London. Taxes and fees will also be covered.

Note that you’re receiving miles — not airfare. If you win the Emirates miles, you can use your miles for flights to other destinations, as long as the award price is of equal or lesser value. For example, you could fly nonstop from Newark to Athens, instead.

Or, if you win the Virgin points, you can use them for things like Virgin Voyages instead of airfare.

Both of these prizes have an estimated value of $10,000.

Bonus Bilt Rewards points

By solving the Rent Day Challenge, you can earn Bilt Rewards in one of three denominations: 

25 Bilt Rewards Points — only one available (extremely odd that this reward is among the most elusive of the promotion)10,000 Bilt Rewards Points — 200 available100,000 Bilt Rewards Points— 10 available

The points will deposit into your account as “Rent Day Game” and will never expire.

$100 Lyft Ride credit

100 winners will receive a $100 Lyft Ride credit in the form of a Lyft Pass, valid for one year. You’ll find this pass in the “Payment” tab in the Bilt app, labeled “Bilt Rent Day Birthday.” The next time you take a Lyft ride, the Lyft Pass will automatically apply to the bill.

1 month of free rent

Ten winners will receive a free month of rent, up to $2,500 each. You must provide proof that you are a signatory party to an active residential rental to qualify.

Bonus points to use toward the Bilt Collection

The Bilt Collection is a way to spend your Bilt Rewards on things like home decor, art, and lifestyle goods. Redemptions start at 5,000 Bilt points.

Via the Rent Day Challenge, you can earn:

5,000 Bilt Collection points — 200 available25,000 Bilt Collection points — five available

These points never expire.

Earn double Bilt points on non-rent purchases

On the first day of each month, the Bilt Mastercard® will earn twice its normal rate for non-rent purchases. Here’s what you’ll earn:

6 points per dollar on dining (regularly 3 points per dollar) — and up to 11 points per dollar when using the Bilt Dining feature4 points per dollar on travel (regularly 2 points per dollar)2 points per dollar on all other purchases (regularly 1 point per dollar)

Once you earn a total of 10,000 points across all spending categories during Rent Day (not counting the bonus 5x you’ll earn via Bilt Dining), your card will revert back to the normal earning rates. To be clear, your rent payment will not be bonused. Rent will continue to earn 1 point per dollar with the Bilt Mastercard®.

When using Bilt Dining, you’ll earn 5 bonus points per dollar at select restaurants. This stacks with the 3 points per dollar you’ll normally earn when using the Bilt Mastercard® for dining. During Rent Day, this 5x bonus will not be bonused.

One important note: You must use your Bilt Mastercard® at least five times each statement period to be eligible for this promotion.

Monthly Bilt promotions

While Bilt unveils unique offerings each month, there are a couple of promotions that (almost) always appear.

Point Quest

Bilt conducts a virtual trivia game called Bilt Point Quest. This lives in the Bilt Rewards app, and will appear on June 1. You can answer five questions for a chance to win a total of 150 points. If you answer all five questions correctly, you get the chance to answer a sixth question worth 100 points.

SoulCycle promotion (and a free month of rent!)

On the first day of each month, Bilt Rewards members can book a SoulCycle class for themselves and receive a free bike for a friend. More than 50 SoulCycle locations participate in this promotion.

You can reserve your friend’s bike for free via the SoulCycle app, the Bilt Rewards app (where you’ll earn 10 points per dollar), or Also, Bilt will pay for a month’s rent for one lucky rider and their friend.

What to know about Bilt Rent Day

Bilt Rewards is giving away tens of thousands of dollars in value to its members (and even non-members) during its June Rent Day. You can win things like round-trip business class flights to London or Dubai, a $100 Lyft credit, free rent, and 100,000 Bilt Rewards points.

And remember, Bilt has a referral program. You’ll earn 2,500 Bilt points per friend you refer to the Bilt Mastercard® — and 10,000 bonus points after successfully referring five members. You can earn up to 2,025,000 points from referrals. You don’t even need to have the card.

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