‘Barry’ Had The Best (And Most Shocking) Cut To Black In A Series Finale Since ‘The Sopranos’


[This post contains spoilers about the Barry series finale]

“Oh wow.” Those were the final words spoken by Barry Berkman, and also what I said out loud multiple times during the Barry series finale.

The first time came during the shoot-out at Nohobal, where NoHo Hank and his men — who have taken Sally and her son, John, hostage in an attempt to lure Barry out of hiding — faced off against Fuches’ crew. Nearly everyone is killed, including fashion icon NoHo Hank, who dies holding the hand of Cristobal’s golden statue. (Big night for depressing hand holding on HBO.)

The second “oh wow” came when Barry is looking for Sally and John after being reuniting with them. He shows up at Mr. Cousineau’s house, where he expects to find them, but instead, he’s greeted by Tom who tells Barry to hand himself over to the cops. “Gene is in a desperate situation,” he says. “Gene’s gonna go to jail. He’s being accused of all the things that you did. You’re the only one who can save him.” The weight of his actions finally seem to weigh on Barry, but it’s too late: in the best cut to black in an HBO finale since The Sopranos, he’s shot and killed by Mr. Cousineau, who’s sentenced to life in prison. Meanwhile, in death, Barry is seen as an American hero.

It’s a bleak ending for basically everyone on the show, except Sally, sort of, but especially the guy who gets turned down by Sally. Also, NoHo Hank. I’ll miss him, and in his inability to recognize people in disguise, most of all.

Bill Hader chose the most evil ending imaginable for Barry. Super bleak, but God damn, I was fucking levitating when it cut to black. Perfect show. Holy fuck

— Trev (@SpotlessMindATL) May 29, 2023

he died abruptly and normally and clearly recognized who was killing him. gene nailed both of those goddamn shots. it was over and they both knew it. he deserved to die like this pic.twitter.com/j2U0EMcGti

— Hey. It bill. rest in hell barry berkman (@freudlied) May 29, 2023

me when i get shot in the head and die pic.twitter.com/d228OG2VOx

— bob | barry spoilers (@WeHoBob) May 29, 2023

I love the idea that Barry died in a kind of random, unceremonious way, just like the people he killed. Their last words were insignificant because they didn’t have time to prepare. Barry didn’t have the last chance to convince himself of his martyrdom like he was at Nohobal https://t.co/lIB16lqdkr

— Joe Jamal-Biden (@MacysDayMar) May 29, 2023

anyway. sally got her happy ending <3 barry got shot in the head and john is probably going to forever think his dad was some sort of hero and gene is in prison for life for something he didn’t even do and hank and cristobal are dead BUT WOMEN!!!!!!!

— dani⁷ nohobal hq’s new CEO (@jinyoongis) May 29, 2023


— bella (barry spoilers !!!) (@billhaderily) May 29, 2023


— saara (@dollyreeqa) May 29, 2023

me realizing we not getting a noho hank spinoff because he’s dead. #BarryHBO pic.twitter.com/7xB6G89nlO

— Mali (@Kai365247) May 29, 2023

Noho Hank holding onto Cristobal’s hand, the sculpture being covered in bullet holes…. this was both so beautiful yet so heartbreaking #BarryHBO pic.twitter.com/PBLouDPFgx

— juliana (@snowchildhours) May 29, 2023

noho hank is dead pic.twitter.com/StUDLfz1Ap

— makenzie (@thetaIIestrose) May 29, 2023

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