Trump Raged Like Mad After Attorney General Stooge Ken Paxton Was Impeached By Texas State Representatives


Donald Trump isn’t the only one in trouble these days. So are some of his cronies. On Saturday, Texas House representatives voted to impeach state attorney general Ken Paxton over accusations of bribery, corruption, and other abuses of his office. Paxton is suspended and a vote to expel him now moves to the state Senate. But before that happens Trump and others in his circle got mad.

As per Newsweek, the former president took to his rinky-dink Twitter clone, where he called out not the lawmakers trying to hold Paxton accountable but Greg Abbott. “MISSING IN ACTION! Where is the Governor of Texas on his Attorney General’s Impeachment?” Trump wrote.

Before the impeachment, Trump was already bracing for bad news. “The RINO Speaker of the House of Texas, Dade Phelan, who is barely a Republican at all and failed the test on voter integrity, wants to impeach one of the most hard working and effective Attorney Generals in the United States, Ken Paxton, who just won re-election with a large number of American Patriots strongly voting for him,” he wrote. He also vowed to “fight” any House Republicans who voted for impeachment.

The impeachment also enraged others in Trump’s circle. His son Eric tweeted, “This should never be allowed to happen to @KenPaxtonTX.”

This should never be allowed to happen to @KenPaxtonTX

— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) May 27, 2023

So did Kimberly Guilfoyle, fiancée of Eric’s brother Don Jr. She called the move “absolutely disgusting” and described Paxton as a “GREAT ally” to her future father-in-law. She added, “Texans should stand with Ken Paxton because he always stands up for you!”

It’s absolutely disgusting what is happening to Attorney General @KenPaxtonTX in Texas.

Ken has been a GREAT ally to @realDonaldTrump & the MAGA movement.

Texans should stand with Ken Paxton because he always stands up for you!

— Kimberly Guilfoyle (@kimguilfoyle) May 27, 2023

Paxton has always been a staunch MAGA-ite. He challenged Joe Biden’s win over Trump in 2020 and he’s come out against trans people and immigrants. Last year he gleefully celebrated the dismantling of Roe v Wade.

(Via Newsweek)

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