Spain’s conservative opposition to make major gains in elections, poll suggests


People’s party will strengthen hold on Madrid and could take regions of Valencia and Aragón, according to poll

Spain’s opposition conservative People’s party (PP) is on course to make major gains in Sunday’s key regional and municipal elections, according to a new poll that suggests the party will strengthen its hold on Madrid and could take the regions of Valencia and Aragón from the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers’ party (PSOE).

The GAD3 poll, released just after polling stations closed at 8pm local time, gives an absolute majority to the PP’s populist regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso and points to the party squeaking past the PSOE to pick up the most seats in Valencia and Aragón. The survey also suggests that Ada Colau, Barcelona’s leftwing mayor, will successfully see off challenges from the regional branch of the Socialist party and a centre-right Catalan pro-independence party.

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