Tame Impala Has Released The ‘Lonerism 10 Year Anniversary Box Set’ With Unreleased Demos And New Photos


Tame Impala is celebrating a decade since the release of their breakthrough album, Lonerism. Today (May 26), they’ve dropped a special edition of the album.

Lonerism 10 Year Anniversary Box Set comes with three vinyl LPs, along with a 24-page photo booklet. On the vinyl records are the album’s original tracks, as well unreleased demos and never before heard demo sessions.

The album itself actually turned 10 last October. On the day of the anniversary, Tame Impala vocalist and instrumentalist Kevin Parker took to Instagram to reflect on how the album changed his perspective on his own music.

“It was a pretty special time for me making the music,” said Parker. “In a way it’s when I truly discovered myself as an artist. Coming off the back of Innerspeaker I had this new sense of purpose…calling… whatever you want to call it. I had finally given myself permission to let music take over my being completely… to become totally immersed in my own world of recording music. So I had this new sense of creative freedom. I felt free to be ambitious, weird, pop, experimental, whatever, and didn’t feel judged because I was finally just doing it for myself and believed in myself.”

Lonerism 10 Year Anniversary Box Set is out now via Modular Recordings. Find more information here.

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