Hundreds of songs using Grimes’ AI vocals are on the way. One artist said it’s a ‘dream come true.’


Grimes will split royalties 50/50 with approved artists.

Hundreds of songs using AI vocals that sound like musician Grimes are set for release.
It comes after Grimes said she’ll split 50% of royalties for approved AI songs.
One artist who’s produced an approved song said it’s a “dream come true.”

Hundreds of songs made using Grimes’ AI vocal platform are set to hit Spotify and other streaming sites next month, the digital asset management platform CreateSafe said. 

“There are hundreds of songs that have been created by artists using the GrimesAI voice that will be available on all streaming platforms in the coming weeks,” CreateSafe CEO Daouda Leonard told Insider. 

Grimes has been promoting two AI-generated tracks on her Twitter account, including Kito’s “Cold Touch” and Ottterlymusic’s “Concept of Creation“.

It comes after the Canadian musician said in April that she’ll split royalties 50/50 with anyone who’s approved to release an AI-generated song using an AI imitation of her voice. Grimes has created an open-source platform called Elf.Tech to produce AI vocals that sound like her voice.

Elf.Tech users can apply to CreateSafe to approve tracks and handle the distribution on behalf of Grimes.

Orrin Campbell, 28, is one artist who’s been given the greenlight for a release next month. He teamed up with producer Trap Ninja Boy to create a GrimesAI song called “Love and War” using Elf.Tech.

“It’s a dream come true. I’ve been listening to Grimes since 2014,” Campbell told Insider. “To have an official release with somebody that has influenced my musical identity, especially an AI release, is really just a dream come true. I really think it just speaks to the power of the internet.” 

Brooklyn-based Campbell worked with Trap Ninja Boy to create an EDM-style production before writing verses for himself and “Grimes.” He recorded her verses himself, then converted them using her Elf.Tech platform.

“Love and War” is due to be released June 8. 

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